Build trust, convert leads, and get referrals with simple videos.

BombBomb Essential

Quickly and easily record, send, and track 1-to-1 video messages from Gmail, Chrome browser, or your iOS or Android device.


Or $299/year (14% discount)

BombBomb Plus

Everything included in BombBomb Essentials, plus over $500+ value of RE/MAX content,​ advanced integrations, mass sending, templates, team management tools, and front‑of‑the‑line customer service.


Or $499/year (14% discount)


Want an entire real estate email marketing system? What to say and when to say it, with automatic sending and reporting.


Plus one-time $500 setup fee

How BombBomb Helps You Win:

Communicating effectively over email is hard. Build trust and strengthen relationships by easily recording and sending simple videos​ with BombBomb.

Stop guessing when you’re most likely to connect. Track and analyze email performance​ and get instant open and play notifications.

Can’t I do this myself? You can try, but there is no easier or faster way to do it​ that assures your recipients get a great video email experience.

Get even more efficient with auto responders, drip campaigns, pre-written content, and integrations with tools like gmail, Chrome, iMessage, Android and many more!

*How You Benefit from BombBomb:


More Email Replies


Increased Clicks on Website


Customers Convert More Leads


Report More Referrals


Stay in Touch More Effectively

*Survey of 576 BombBomb customers who’ve sent at least 10 videos | Conducted July-August 2015 | Results projected to all customers with 95% confidence and +/- 4% margin of error